As an astrophysicist and a photographer, I’ve been always looking around, up and down the horizon. While I’ve been continuously studying the Universe, I moved from a little town to the city of Rome, from where stars are very difficult to see, because of light pollution.

Everyone should take care of the sky, preserving it for the future generations. While I’m doing my work to increase public awareness about the important topic of light pollution, I discovered that one  of the greatest difficulties I meet out there is this: people living in a city do not see the night sky, so they really do not feel there is something beautiful up there to preserve. So, they are much less sensitive to this cause.

My goal is to awaken their perception of the night sky and its immense beauty, even from their heavily polluted sites, so that they can hope and desire to see more, understanding that for this they have to act in a responsible way, when using artificial light.

I hope this project and website will help us to enjoy and protect the wonders of the sky at night.

Gianluca Masi